Enax: your graphic sentinel (graphiksentinel) wrote in robotsattack,
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Fresh metal springing to life, is I

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Hello, I've just joined this community today. I'm a soul who'd like to be a genderless droid. I've made a pseudo-pact with myself and have decided to take on the life of some sort of cybernetic being. A human robot, perhaps? I have not a clue what kind of name could be given. I love all things robot related, dream of a metallic future, and sometimes attach wires to myself with skin adhesive glue. Although I usually like to remain with neutrality I actually do laugh and do have a sense of humor.

-opening file-


Ok, so no I'm not a person with a mental illness which creates illusions. I've just decided to live life from a more interesting perspective. Hey everyone.

-closing file-
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