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This message is basically for the admin. Look I joined the community!! I'm one of the people you talked to in the arcade today. I'm Brandy ... One of the people you talked to in the arcade today ... you gotta remember me ... brown hair, red skirt, black shirt ... wanted to play dance revolutions with Susan ... Yeah your getting it now. Actually I had a comment for you journal and I typed it up only to find out that only friends can comment. I added you and hopefully now you know who I am and might add me? Anyway You userinfo says IM you or email about being added but no email or IM addy shows up so I was screwed there. Here's my comment to your post:

I wanted to say (even though this has almost nothing to do with the post ... but it does have a lil) I have an icon I made a while back that says what your subject line says for this post (real friends stab you in the front) ... well almost it says true friends instead of real friends but you know what i'm saying. And by now I'm sure your saying who the fuck is this ... . I'm gonna add your if that is ok ... Also adding your community you talked about although I can't say I keep up all the time with the communities. I'll try though cuz you are one awesome dude.

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