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Hello. ♥ I guess it's been a while since anybody posted here? Well.

I recently came in posession of two model kits and a Gundam display model.

first model kit:
PATLABOR 2: 1/60 Scale:
INGRAM SPECIAL, Shinohara AV-98 PATROL LABOR Variation Set
- Never been assembled or opened - none of the pieces are punched out. Comes with detail stickers, and on the back of the assembly instructions is a Patlabor 2 poster for your wall or whatever. ♥ (japanese text)

second model kit:GUNDAM X: 1/144 scale
- Again, brand new, includes detail stickers, and the assembly instructions have a profile of the pilot (japanese text).

display model (no assembly, except for like guns and stuff)
MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: No scale indication, but it's a little under 6" tall.
RX-78 Ver.Ka
- In addition to the RX-78-2 Gundam model, also comes with beam rifle, beam sabers, hyper bazooka, shield and core-fighter FF-X7. (Hey, that's what the package calls them.) There aren't any extra papers in the box, just the model.

I'm not big on these particular models, so I don't really want them. But would anyone here like to buy them? I'm not sure how much they actually go for, but I'd sell them for $5 each plus shipping if anybody here's interested. I can provide scans of the packaging on request. :3

There's nothing wrong with these models, they just aren't my favorites. As for payment, I can accept (in order of preference): Paypal, money order, check (but if there's insufficient funds, I'll be sad) or VERY well-concealed cash. (I'm not responsible for dishonest postal workers, mind.) Shipping will be $2.50 each (for 7.50 total) or you can buy all three for $20 shipping included, which is what I'd really prefer.

If nobody here is interested, I'll post somewhere else. :D But I'm really hoping somebody might like them. Please comment here if you're interested, or you can just e-mail me, Thanks a bunch. ♥
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